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As you use our services, we want you to be clear on how we’re gathering information and using it. Our privacy policy explains what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use it. We reserve the right to revise or make changes to these Privacy Policies of Ayojok by updating this page if required. Revised policies take effect as soon as they are published. Collection and use of personally Identifiable Information, intellectual property and other Information is at times needed by us in order to help your browsing of this website more user-friendly. You may be required to register your name, address, e-mail id, Facebook account, phone number and other similar information in order to customize the content you see in this website, to be able to adhere to your specific requests and to contact you about our services. However, you can still browse the website without having to provide any personal information. But we may automatically follow certain information that is pulled up by category selections, omissions, etc. on our website. We use this information to be as user-friendly as possible, catering to personalised needs and requirements. This may include, among many others, date and time of visiting the website, your IP address, browser type, etc. We use software mechanisms such as cookies to help us analyze further information. Cookies are small files that allow the user’s computer to store the user’s information. They can be both permanent and temporary. The cookies do not contain any Personally Identifiable Information. Cookies are also used to allow easier access to your account, such as automatic log-in and not having to enter a password each and every time you use the website. You are always allowed to decline cookies, though it may bar certain features on the site as well as require you to re- enter password more often. You may encounter cookies or other similar files on the website that belong to third parties. We do not control these and are not responsible for the same. If you contact us personally, or a third party sends us information about your activities on the website, we may collect this information and are not entitled to notify you. We also use personal information to market to you. However, you have the option to opt out of this service. Personal information is also used for purposes such as troubleshooting, safer service, understanding consumer interest, informing you about offers, services and products pertaining to your needs, detecting and avoiding error, fraud or criminal activity. We may share personal information with other affiliates to further provide related services. Those entities may or may not market to you. We may disclose personal information if required by law or other legal processes. We will share personal information with associates or businesses linked to us, pertaining to your requirements.

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